Before you upload data to the BLA Please note the following: Make sure you have submitted your application FIRST (using the form on this page) Files may not be bigger than 10mb Only the following file types are allowed: Microsoft Word .doc Microsoft Excel .xls Adobe .pdf Image .jpg
Naming  Files Ensure that the files are named properly. Please make sure each file name begins with your first name, followed by your family name, followed by a dash, then the date (the date you upload the files), dash, then a very short description of the file. For example: John Smith - 250814 - Offer Letter Oxford.jpg John Smith - 250814 - Degree Certificate.pdf TIP: Do not compose the longer answers in the online form. Write them in a separate document and cut and paste them into the form. Just in case you lose internet connection. You cannot send folders
Before you start Download the application notes.
V E R Y  I M P O R T A N T
Scholarship Fund Application Form  
ONE You must have your graduate qualification before you can apply for one of our ‘Masters Degree Scholarships’, even if it means waiting for a year. TWO Those applying for a joint BLA/Said Foundation scholarship must fill in both association’s application forms: Said Foundation Click here THREE You should also note that the Fund prefers applicants who have some work experience.
Applications for 2019-2020 This form closes on 30 November 2018
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