19th NOVEMBER 2010 BANQUETING HOUSE "On 19 November 2010 The BLA celebrated its 25 years of commitment to British-Lebanese cultural and educational interchange with a day long programme at the Banqueting House in Whitehall, part of which was in the presence of The Prince of Wales. The programme for this culminating occasion in the BLA's jubilee year was: the book launch in the presence of HRH The Prince of Wales, of the first volume of the Prince's Selected Speeches translated into Arabic by Professor Suheil Bushrui, entitled "Alamir Charles Yatahaddath", and published by Alsaqi Books (Beirut, Lebanon) on behalf of the University of Maryland. A Grand Gala luncheon immediately followed the book launch, for which the Banqueting House, with its world renowned architecture by Inigo Jones and stunning painted ceiling by Rubens provided the ideal setting. During lunch an auction took place and the music group from the Peace and Prosperity Trust provided classical and Lebanese music in equal measure. Towards the end of the afternoon Professor Suheil Bushrui delivered readings from the works of Khalil Gibran supported by readers, the well known actors, Michael Malarkey and Nadine Lewington. Throughout the day an exhibition of paintings inspired by the work of Khalil Gibran and jointly produced by one of Lebanon's greatest painters, Emmanuel Guiragossian and the internationally renowned Lebanese calligrapher Mourad Boutros were exhibited.  Carriages were at 10.00. A long but memorable day for all. Proceeds from the 25th Anniversary event were donated to the BLA's scholarship fund and Arc en Ciel in Lebanon.
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